GameComplete Command

Hi, I see in the game engine that you invoke a GameComplete event but this is never received by my bot. Is it possible to get my bot wit score object on disconnect at least?

Hi @Kortgat, please note that the bot will receive the ‚ÄúReceiveGameComplete‚ÄĚ call with the final json payload. The GameComplete call is not meant to be used by the bots.

Please let us know if this helped or if you need more clarification.

Hi thanx, i have implemented it like that at the moment, i have also just commented the disconect comment in the game runner when a bot is consumed, otherwise i do not receive the ReceiveGameComplete payload

H @Kortgat, the Disconnect is mandatory since your bot must disconnect once it has been consumed, the ReceiveGameComplete is just used to notify your bot that the match is finished.