GameEngine appsettings.json


I just have a question regarding the GameEngine appsettings.json file. I see in the readme on Github there is made reference to check this file out for more accurate information, I also see the Reference bot has some hardcoded values coming from this file. Will these values in the app settings file stay the same or are these values subject to change during the playoffs?

Hi Donovan,

So the file itself can change to help with balance updates that need to happen. This will be publicly communicated along with any other changes to the repo. For tournaments, no changes will be made to the file that the users will not have access to before.

Ok, So we can use these values. Does this then mean the world seed will stay the same, meaning we will always play on one map?

I would not suggest relying on the world seed. It could also be subject to change based on balancing changes in the future or as new features are added. We have often seen that more generic solutions work well as they adapt to changes the team make between phases better.

I appreciate the feedback Jako!