Get ready for Build-a-Bot!

Here’s all you need to know for Saturday’s

Entelect Challenge Build-A-Bot Workshop

If you haven’t done so already

Please register for the event using our Typeform


09h30 - We open the offices - coffee and snacks will be available
09h50 - Get ready and seated
10h00 - Intro and Agenda review
10h30 - 15 minute break
10h45 - Jumping into the Code
11h30 - 15 minute break
11h45 - Continuing through the Code
12h30 - 10 minute break
12h40 - Final stretch
13h00 - Pizza, drinks and networking


Johannesburg - Melrose Arch

Cape Town - Century City

Online - Zoom

  • Zoom link
  • Please keep your cameras off
  • Please stay muted
  • Use the Zoom chat for questions

House rules:

  • Please keep your cell phones on silent during the workshop
  • Grab some provided coffee, snacks and drinks during the breaks
  • Free wifi will be provided - simply connect to Entelect Guest and accept the T’s & C’s
  • Please respect the Entelect offices


  • If you want to code along, please bring your laptop
  • Otherwise just a notebook and pen to take some notes
  • Since the reference bot is in C#, we suggest you install Visual Studio Community to use for coding on the day, otherwise your most comfortable IDE will also work
  • Brush up on the for Cy-Fi
  • Visit for more information regarding the Entelect Challenge
  • The slideshow and event recording will be made available afterwards on the Entelect Challenge Forum
  • You don’t need to be registered for the Entelect Challenge to participate in the Build-a-bot workshop

:hammer_and_wrench: See you on Saturday🛠️