Git workflow badges

Is there any chance of getting Git workflow badges we could add to our Readmes for quick overview on their submission status?

I’m obviously a bit of a noob at github actions, for those in future you can add a badge that tells you if the flow succeeds with " build yml i.e. python.yml)/badge.svg

since github is encouraged though it would be nice having things like match status as badges we could also use

Hello @3NIGMA and welcome to the challenge!
I hope you have fun this year!

Thanks for the suggestion.

In terms of the Github action, indeed as you posted that link will provide you with a badge as to your latest result from your github actions - I.e. Whether your build passed, and if it managed to submit to our infrastructure.

In terms of providing a badge URL for your readme for each step of the submission process - I’m assuming here you mean the three steps visible in the player portal - we will investigate and get back to you. These are not available as such at current.

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yes that’s what I meant.
the workflow badge only tells us if it uploads successfully, (which is the first step on the portal anyway) but Build status and Match status I’d assume are a seperate process (at the very least match status would tell us if the bot is runnable on your servers)

That is correct.

The team is going to take a look at this, and if we decide to implement such, we will let you know as soon as its ready!