Git Workflow Not Running

Great work on the new submission process, makes a lot of sense. I think a lack of sleep and long hours has me lost with getting my bot submitted.

I’ve followed all the steps to push the bot code to github. The only thing I cant seem to work out is nothing is coming up under actions after pushing.

This is for a java bot. I have added the cicd yml file to the .github/workflows folder and the relevant secrets, so Im not entirely sure what Im missing.

Edit: I had nested the bot so the .github folder wasn’t picked up. It wasn’t in the parent directory.

Hi @ccanning2,

I am happy you like the new submission process.

Sorry for the inconvenience you experienced, we are ironing out all the small kinks for the new submission process. We will update our getting started page to include that bot contents (including the .github folder) should be in the root folder that is cloned from Github.

Thank you for your feedback and understanding.

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Hi, I had a similar problem after cloning and adding the initial files, I did a push and nothing happened.

So I did a quick read on the guide that you need to follow and I noticed that the workflow file you download is a .txt file, it needs to be a .yml file for the building process to work. So rename the workflow file extension to .yml and do a push again and check your git repos actions and you should see it processing a build.

Well, that is what helped me.

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Thanks for the feedback!

I’ll advise the team on the file type mismatch.

Hi @Uee, could you please tell me from which browser you are downloading the file from? I am asking this, because we are indeed download the file as a .yml file, because it’s what Github expects.

Thank you.

@marno.vanniekerk Sorry for the late reply. It was on Chrome.

I hope that helps. I get it exactly like that. If you want a video file as well I can make one.

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