Github Keys - Not Generating

Hey all, I might be a bit hasty here, but my first step is generally to set up my Github link and to push the reference bot, before I actually play.

Currently it seems that on both of the following pages:
How to get started with the Entelect challenge

The keys do not generate.

Again, I might be hasty. But I generally first handle the technicalities before I start on the AI itself.

As an extended note,
When I try and generate keys I get the following response in console:
GET 404 Not Found

Hey there @WillieTheron, just want to follow up and see if you’ve managed to come right with the Github Keys?


I will retry with a different browser.

Then I will revert. Keep getting a 404 when trying to generate:
Error: Request failed with status code 404
exports createError.js:16
exports settle.js:17
onreadystatechange xhr.js:62

I will let you know how another browser works.

Hi @WillieTheron ,

I just want to check something. Did you register for the 2022 challenge? Easiest way to confirm this is to log in and navigate to the player portal. If you see this screen then it means you have not:

If that is the case click on the Register. If it says Enter then that means you have registered.
I ask this because I cannot see an entry for you for the 2022 challenge.

I seem to have keys,

Thank you. Was likely that I missed the registration section when I tried initially.

Glad it worked @WillieTheron!