Have you submitted a bot for port royal?

This is just a thread where you can indicate if you submitted a bot for Port Royal.

I submitted a C# bot.

If you didn’t, please indicate what is preventing you from submitting(like time, lack of programming language you know, still training your AI…)

I submitted a Java bot

Scala based bot for me.

Aye, I ‘ave boarded a bot. ‘tis a whalin’ bot wit’ some modifications. Mostly C# modifications.
I loot careful plannin’ ‘n work hard but fer some reason ‘tis still but jus’ a whalin’ bot.

Best o’ luck wit’ th’ battle ahead.

Alea iacta est.

I submitted a C++ bot.

Ave Imperator, morituri te salutant.

After a few last minute bug fixes, my (Java) bot is in. Good luck folks!

I used a magnet to polarize the magnetic field on a 3.5" floppy disk by aligning the correct bits. I had to work at night as to minimize the effect of gamma radiation from the sun. It was painstaking work. I coded directly into binary ensuring I use every instruction from the X86 instruction set at least once (as an added challenge). It was a masterpiece… I then ran into a problem… I could not find a computer with a floppy drive, so I just rewrote the thing into Java to save time and uploaded it.


My bot is also on and running. Hoping for the best…

Inability to debug the bot. My logic is flawed somewhere but I can’t stop and see why which makes it difficult.
Also lack of programming knowledge haha…never coded in c# before and started with that. I could switch over to another language but it’s pointless if I can’t debug live.

My java bot walked the plank quite some time ago and floated successfully into Port Royal just as the time sank.
Must say I did not spend much time walking the plank so its peg leg might slow it down during the battle, but it will give it is all with out falling down.
Got a special doubloon to keep it safe.
Lets just hope it is not cursed.