Help a noob, Python subscriptable error


I am getting an error from the EngineConfigDto file, as shown below. Any help please?
Did something change in the engine or is it just me?

{“date”:“2022-07-11T18:53:26.876465Z”,“log”:“Traceback (most recent call last):”}
{“date”:“2022-07-11T18:53:26.876489Z”,“log”:" File “”, line 18, in “}
{“date”:“2022-07-11T18:53:26.876505Z”,“log”:” botService = BotService()"}
{“date”:“2022-07-11T18:53:26.876514Z”,“log”:" File “/app/”, line 74, in init"}
{“date”:“2022-07-11T18:53:26.876522Z”,“log”:" self.engine_config = EngineConfigDto()"}
{“date”:“2022-07-11T18:53:26.876528Z”,“log”:" File “/app/”, line 24, in init"}
{“date”:“2022-07-11T18:53:26.876535Z”,“log”:" self.consumption_ratio = dict[GameObjects, decimal]"}
{“date”:“2022-07-11T18:53:26.876542Z”,“log”:“TypeError: ‘type’ object is not subscriptable”}

Replace the = on line 24 in with a :. : means that you’re specifying a type, whereas = means your assigning. In this case dict[GameObjects, decimal] is a valid type hint but not a valid expression to assign

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Thank you so much @kobus-v-schoor