Help with coding tutoring

Hi i am new in this group, I am interested in enrolling for system development and I need help with toturials on basic coding please

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Hi @Leras

Hope things are going well there.

My suggestion to you would be to go have a look at Udemy( for some very affordable online courses.

Otherwise if you just want to see first if coding is for you maybe have a look at the following sites:
W3Schools for more Web dev stuff (

Otherwise pick a language and google “Language Hello world” and you should find a veritable cornucopia of sites and tutorials that should help you out.

Just a nice side note, if you want to practice your skills have a look at CodinGame( which gamifies your code and really gives you a nice visual representation of your problem, and how your solution addresses that problem.

Let me know if that answers your question


Thank for the help as I am also interested in the session I have enrolled my name for coding session with EduHelpHub and for any advance level assistance looked after this thread.