How should new competitors test their bots?

Hi there, I’ve only joined the competition recently and have missed the first two competition phases, and now all that’s left is the third and final one. Does anyone have any advice on how I should try testing my bot considering I’ve missed the opportunities to test it against other people’s bots, and the reference bot isn’t much of a challenge compared to the other contestants (I’d imagine at least :laughing: )? Currently my only thoughts are to just keep fighting the reference bot until I can absolutely smash it, or keep pitting my bot against itself and see how long it can survive.

Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance!

Don’t worry, we are not at the final tournament yet :wink:

Have a look at the tournament schedule here:

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Ah that was a bit of a dumb one, I thought I had already missed Operation Firestorm, never mind in that case, thanks @pierre.roux :laughing: :see_no_evil:

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