How to programmatically restart the game?


Say for example I want everything to reset when I call a method reset(), how can I do this.

I did try to do this by executing the runner in a subprocess(python), however, this led to many problems that I could not get around.

I prefer a direct approach.

Thank you so much.

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Yeah that would be really sweet.
At one point I poked around in the engine code to see if I could hack in there - should be possible, but I just can’t be arsed to install MS toolchain at this juncture :frowning:

I managed to sort reset the bot’s locations, just not the game.

I assume the point is to be able to reset the entire game state without paying the overhead of actually tearing down, and cold restarting everything?

True, but in my case my bot was falling off the platform, so I needed to reset the position for training purposes. Though, a full reset would be epic.

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I thought about porting at least parts of the engine code, for exactly this reason.
But between “Life” etc, it kinda broke me, so I have not done so.