I beg some clarification

I deeply apologize but i would like to know this.

  • If a Banana Bomb is thrown into deep space, the Banana Bomb will be lost.
  • If a Snowball is thrown into deep space, the Snowball will be lost.
  • Does this mean that if i intend to throw a bomb at e.g x=8;y=5 coming from x < 8 and say x=7 is deep space then i will lose that Banana Bomb?

Please bear with me.

I throw a Snowball in round 21 where my target is x=8;y=5 coming from where x < 8.

  • The Snowball falls in this cell in round 22 or it is traveling by the round?
  • It will explode the same round it lands or the following round?


Can i have a snipped json of the following cells; It has a Banana Bomb, It has a Snowball, it has a powerup/healthpack

Hi @Paradox

Bananas and snowballs do not travel during a round and as far as the worms are concerned, the banana just suddenly exploded on a cell out of nowhere. So if your banana was thrown into a deep space cell, it will be lost.

All the commands that you give will be applied at the start of the next round, so the banana bombs and snowballs immediately freeze and exploded when that command is applied.

Since Banana Bombs and Snowballs do not linger in mid air, there is no cell containing these. You can find examples of the state files here:

and detailed explanations of these files here

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