IMPORTANT NOTE - Tournament 1

Hi everyone,

We have heard your requests and decided to move Tournament 1 out to

— 24 June 2023 —

We hope this will give enough time to iron out the issues, and give the participants enough time to be prepared and test.

Please do remember that we are doing the best we can with the time we have - all of us on the Entelect Challenge team do this in our free time after a full day’s work.

Thank you for the ongoing communication and feedback from all the participants. We look forward to the rest of the year!


Hey EC team, is the deadline 24 June 23:59? Or 23 June 23:59?

Hey @kobus-v-schoor, it’s 24 June 23:59


Lol, I literally realized this show was on the road again 2 weeks ago…

Oh well - so what is the planned deadline for tournament 2?
I understand there is a 2nd chance? right?

Hey @demaniak,

Yes, there will be 4 finalist spots open until somewhere around August

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You still have till 8 July for round 1.

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Well… at least I might have a working random bot by then :slight_smile: