Inactive bots in submissions

I’ve noticed over several submissions that only one of the 4 bots is actually active
2dd96b14-e5bd-4246-9b2b-af8ce7aa1203_match_2024-05-05 22_13.json (472.7 KB)
I’ve attached the latest submission above.
My bot is just doing ‘almost’ random steps but you can see that the other bots never even get started with some behaviour at all.
Is this expected at the moment?

Hi @Gilad, yes - this is normal. When submitting, we run your bot against for Typescript starter bots just to ensure that a match can run to completion thereby validating that your bot won’t break a match. Those submissions are just verifications.

Ah okay, I thought it would be matched up against either copies of itself or other peoples bots.