IntelliJ free edition doesn't allow debugging for JS

I’m currently using VSCode for this seeing as IntelliJ is not allowing me to use the free edition for debugging, what’s the best way for me to debug on this?

Hi @styphoiz

How are you trying to debug the bot? Are you trying to debug the bot while the game-runner is running? Or are you running the bot standalone without the runner?

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I was trying to follow the instructions in the readme.
Standalone, there’s specific moves I want my worms to follow so I was trying to visualize the sequence flow and see if my worms were doing what was expected and not random stuff

Hi @styphoiz, The VSCode debugger would also work fine. Do you have the round files ready to be read when debugging?

I can recreate them, I have been experiencing some issues trying to pass them in though

What are the issues? I can try and help :slight_smile:

Not sure how to pass the round number so I skipped it then after that my logic flow ended up not going into my sections and breakpoints so I’ve been running with console.log on my bot and changed the health of the worms and hoped my bot tested my specific scenario again.

Hi @styphoiz

Just wanted to follow up, are you still having issues debugging the JavaScript bot?

I’ve played around a bit with debugging the JavaScript bot in VSCode and found out that you need to follow a few steps that launches the bot in an external cmd prompt which you can then directly feed input into.

Please have a look at these links, I think they might be helpful:

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