Introducing my another to the challenge - What level of help is unexceptable

Hey guys,

My girlfriend is also into programming and will be attempting the challenge.
I’m just wondering what level of help is acceptable and what is not.

Basically what I want to do is help her understand the map and show her how she can get the data to use for the AI. Along with an example or two (This is how you build, this is how you count the buildings).

Just getting her off.

Now I admit she is beginner when it comes to algorithms so she will likely not submit her bot. But I cannot say I know how she will fair.

I assume that I could give her advice and suggestions as we go along but not actually write the actual bot for her?

Due to the nature of this challenge, It is highly unlikely that she will manage top 8 at the end regardless. I mean, I don’t even know if I will make it. Though I will try.

Just wondering because if it does happen that she sees the challenge and actually goes far with it. I want to know what to be careful of. She has a lot of free time so she would be able to put a lot of hours into it. And she did say that she will beat me in the future. So that’s cool.

Just wondering about this. I do not want to get to the challenge and get suspected of foul play.

Because if in future boyfriend and girlfriend / (husband and wife) both make finals. Some might find it strange.

Well, hope you all are good. I’m starting my bot this morning. I cannot wait to see how this turns out…

Hi Willie,

We of course encourage people to seek help from their peers, or in this case you to help one another, so please feel free to help your girlfriend! :slight_smile:

What you should be aware of is that any work submitted by a player needs to be his/her own work, so you can help but, as you rightly stated, not write the bot for her.

Other than that please help get her on her feet and on her way to beat you and everyone else. :wink:

If you have any more questions, or anything else is still unclear, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Sweet, She is away on a slight holiday. I’m busy running some bot tests, My first version is complete…

But from here it gets harder… So I might have my prototype ready before she even starts. I’m not building something too severe for now. Building the best bot I can reason out. But there will be some trial and error…

But Im understanding the console now. The first glance was a bit rough. But like the matrix all I see now is energy, Missile, attack and so on…

I’m very excited to see the challenge evolve…

Good to hear!

We have some exciting changes in mind, I think you guys are going to have some great fun with it this year!

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