IRON CURTAIN Broken? Not Using Correct Costing

Good morning!

I would just like to report a possible issue? That I believe I’ve found with the Iron Curtain.
This issue however only seems to exist on the Portal Side, and the [Runner] on Github works correctly.

Let me explain.
When activating the Iron Curtain, the [Cost/Energy] required to activate it is not making use of the value presented in the JSON file to the bots. (PORTAL UPLOADS ONLY!)
When reviewing my Replay from a UPLOADED Bot on the PORTAL, I found this issue.

Please review this Image that I made.

This is the problem:
Energy per Round is about 32±, Each round a Command is executed, which results in the next round only increasing energy at about ±2.
However when activating the IRON CURTAIN, which [COSTS] 150 Energy, the Next Round my Bot has WAY MORE then 32 ish Energy. Instead it has 83 Energy!
The only explanation that I have for why this Energy value is so high, is that the IRON Curtain COST being send with the JSON file is DIFFERENT than the actual COST the [RUNNER] is using.
Seems like the COST for IRON CURTAIN for the Runner is set to (100)!
This will Explain why my Bot Energy is at 83. Example: [151](Bot Energy) - [100](Iron Curtain) + [32](Energy Next Round) = 83!

Please Confirm and check if this is an Issue…

Hi @raezor.

This is most likely because the portal is still using an old version of the engine for the reference matches.
We’ll be updating this tonight and let you know, should you want to run a few more tests.

Thanks, I’ll take a look at it again tomorrow morning then.

I thought that It might be the case, just wanted to notify that I picked this up, as it could result in my bot having a different output. and possibly for the Competition this weekend :smiley:
Looking forward to this weekends Competition! :smile:

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Hi @raezor

I’ve updated the game engine on the portal. It should work as expected now.

Thanks for the keen eye and good luck in the tournament!


Thank you so much for this. I was into this issue and tired to tinker around to check if its possible but couldnt get it done. Now that i have seen the way you did it, thanks guys