Is the gold consumption ratio supposed to be 1 per unit?

I see in the engine config that the gold consumption ratio is set to 1 per unit/per cycle, as opposed to stone’s 0.1 per unit/per cycle. Is this correct? It seems a bit high as their both pretty scarce

EDIT: I think if the consumption is supposed to be 1 per unit, then the max resource constraints for the tiers will need to be increased. For instance, Tier 0 has a max population of 50, but a max of 35 gold. Meaning that it’s impossible to take any gold into the next cycle once your population hits 35

Good morning kobus-v-schoor,

Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention.
The team are actively working on balancing the new changes and we will let you know if any changes will be made towards the gold ratio.

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