Is there an interactive/play-by-play mode for the runner?

So I want to be able to run my bot against the reference bot, but the action goes too quickly for me. Is there a way to have a mode where you press enter to step through each turn or something like that?

If you are on Windows, when you run the simulation in cmd or powershell, you can just select some text on the window, which will pause it until you deselect (e.g. press enter). I usually just run it, and pause it like this every turn I want to see.

PS If this doesn’t work, you will need to enable Quick Edit Mode in the properties of cmd or powershell.

You can also follow through the directory ./tower-defence-matches/2018. 003/A - James/Console. Here you will find the Console.txt file which contains the console output for a single round.

It is useful to think about what command your bot “should” be giving at that round, and checking the PlayerCommand.txt file for the same results.

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