Issue with C++ Starter bot Dockerfile in Windows

I am trying to build the Docker container for the C++ starter bot on a Windows 10 machine and getting a number of complaints and also the makefile doesn’t build.

I fixed it by changing it to the following:
FROM entelectchallenge/base:2019

RUN echo ‘debconf debconf/frontend select Noninteractive’ | debconf-set-selections

RUN apt-get update -y
RUN apt-get install build-essential -y

#RUN apt-get install make -y
#RUN apt-get install gcc -y

Set the working directory to /app

WORKDIR /cppbot

Copy the current directory contents into the container at /app

COPY . /cppbot

RUN cd /cppbot

RUN make

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You should make a pull request for this :wink: