Javascript Portal issue


I uploaded my JavaScript Bot seems stuck on “building”, JavaScript does not necessarily build (or it did not previous years)

It might resolve over time, But thought I would mention before 12.

This one has my mind slightly fractured.
You tweak this value, you start losing past seeds you dominated, And that cycle continues.
Know it has a lot to do with the unseen map. But still, I know there’s something I am missing.
But I’m still looking forward to the first event, hopeful for top 8, but, I’m not so sure.

Anyways, Good luck all, I hope I’m underestimating my bot and that it rocks, but this RNG is messing with me a bit… And my score is all over the place.

The build part is probably the installation of npm packages?

Regarding the bot itself, I had to choose between a brute bot and a smarter bot. Wins between them are split 50/50. I chose the smarter one, as I imagine there would be some balancing in future rounds if the top bots are just brutes.

I cannot be sure,

Im only using heuristics, so have no strange abnormal dependencies or anything.
This would be the first year my bot had to “build”, as Javascript is not a Compiled language.

Would love to see my current rank (unsure how I feel about my strategy).
But also left my upload for last moment. Should not be too big a deal if I missed event 1. But one would like a “benchmark”

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Yes thats correct. In other languages the compilation would happen in the build phase (where it would also gather dependencies). So obviously for Javascript this is only about gathering dependencies.

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