Kotlin CI/CD File, DockerFile not available for starterbot - Kotlin Abandoned?

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I’m only now getting round to uploading a submission but I see there is no pre-defined CI/CD file for Kotlin (even though there is a Kotlin starter bot). Any chance of getting one before the first tournament or should I look into adapting one of the other bots’ CI/CD file?

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I also notice that the Kotlin Starter Bot did not receive any updates with the last releases, and is the only bot with no DockerFile. Seems like the Kotlin Starter bot has been abandoned? A bit concerning for me at this point in time, having written my bot in Kotlin.

Hey @Koos - you can just build your own submission CI/CD file. The CI/CD for all the bots boil down to the same thing, build a docker image and upload it to your own unique ECR repo (and also upload your code to S3). You can get your unique ECR repo details by just downloading one of the other language’s CI/CD files.

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Thanks @kobus-v-schoor, I managed to adapt the Java file for Kotlin.

Apologies for that @Koos, only came accross you post now. Luckily @kobus-v-schoor helped you!

This was an oversight on our side, apologies

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@Koos, please open a PR on Github for anyone else wanting to use the Kotlin bot, just for the Dockerfile. It might help someone else in the community