Last move not shown in csv

Hello team!

Small issue but one that tripped me up for a while: it looks like the csv “move summary” file that’s created for each match doesn’t display the very last move made by players. Also it’s a bit confusing that it displays the “last move” for each round instead of the move actually played that round.

Understand if you have more important issues to look at, but just thought I’d make a note of it in case it trips anyone else up

Hi @japes

The lines in the round file are generated at the beginning of each round, and as such, the last move displayed in round 3 is the player’s move in round 2. Since none of the state files get generated when the match is finished, the last move does not get written to the csv file either.

There is a github issue to track this, but unfortunately it is not very high priority for us.