Latest DateTime I can submit a bot for Battle of Tortuga

Hi VOC (Venue Operations Center)

I know that bots submission will close at midnight Friday 28th, but midnight can be interpreted ambiguously as per (…does this mean bots can be submitted until 2017-07-28 23:59:59 ?

The countdown clock seems to show that the battle starts on Saturday 29th July at 02h00 (at time of writing 26th July 2107 11h00, the countdown says 2 days and 15 hours)

Thanks for all the great work you guys are doing hosting this - it is great fun and I am learning a lot!

All the best

Hi Sentient,

I think the countdown timer on the portal might not take UTC time into consideration. The battle starts at 0h00 Saturday morning Southern Africa time. Please also keep in mind that only bots that have compiled and completed their reference matches will be considered for the tournament. So for safety I would say your last bot submission should ideally be before 9pm Friday evening so that the server has time to compile it and run a reference match.

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