Lava Damage and Score

Hey Guys, Just wondering about something,

It seems like lava damage does not penalize score,

Is this intended?

I only got around to start updating my entry now. And noticed that there’s no apparent score loss for players on lava.

I am wondering if it would not perhaps be better to penalize scores slightly for lava damage as well.

Know this is way past the balancing tweaks deadline, And this update does not matter much to me as I can play it either way. Just somewhat feel that there needs to be some sort of penalty for lava damage.

If not, its really cool too, I mean I would really prefer if it stayed as it is, But I still feel that its wrong not having a score penalty in there.

This will also not affect players AI or strategy much. It will only have an impact on score in matches where both players survived till the final round (AND) lava damage taken was substancial.

And my head tells me that in matches where both players survives. There will not be a lot of lava play.
So its probably not even important.

Because whenever lava gets involved its almost always a kill or be killed game plan.

Anyways, I’m just wondering. It does not really matter much to me. I’m stronger when there’s no penalty. And as much as I would take any advantage I can get, I also believe in balance and fairness.

Hi @WillieTheron

That’s a great idea :blush:

We decided to not influence the score via lava to keep the complexity low, given that lava is a new feature. The reasoning was that, if you get damaged by lava, but your opponent does not…that’s already punishment enough :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (having a few health points less can of course greatly sway the match)

Ahh, I see, thank you, Now I know exactly where I stand, and what to look out for.

Lava is a Double edged sword. It really opens up a range of possibilities. then theres the freeze, man I wondered why my first worm died so fast against reference.

I think I heard my one worm complain the other day.

"When I started out it was just me, a gun and a shovel, Digging dirt and running away from people.

Now I need to dodge lava, avoid freezing and I’m afraid to eat because I never know if its going to blow up in my face."

But all and all, I think my guys are doing okay.

Enjoy the week, this is the final showdown. Lava integrated seamlessly into my existing AI. with some intellect on my part.

Its the freeze bomb and counter strats that will keep me busy for the rest of the week.