Lava Rules

Hi folks,

What are the exact rules around how lava spreads? The game rules don’t seem to go into the exact details other than when it starts and stops.


Hi @rfnel

To fully explain the lava progression, it is better to refer to the game-engine code here, on line 195.

The lava will always update every cell in the flood zone, at every round. This zone will flow in from the outside, at a linear rate. So the rate at which the radius of this zone decreases, is constant.

A simple linear equation is setup that has a value of 1 at round 100. The safe zone will thus now have a radius of “half-map-size” x 1, which leaves the entire map circle safe. As we move closer to round 350, this radius multiplier will decrease towards 0.

At round 350, the safe zone stops decreasing in size (it should have a radius of 1 at this point in time, it will look like a diamond shape of 5 cells).

Since lava is updated every round, it will immediately flood digged cells, even if the lava has already flowed well past that point. Worms standing on lava simply take damage every round that passes.

I hope this answers most of the questions, please ask if you are unsure about anything. :smile:


Time for a fight me thinks muhahaha