Leaderboard could not be better

Hey Guys,

Nicely done on that final leaderboard.

Would be cool to release the full one after finals so players can see how they compared to the top 8.

But as for the Mystique, very good, Also saw this:

Tournament is still frozen. It will open again at 9/22/2019 10:00:00 AM

So all and all, this will be very nice. Now we do not know what to expect, and we cannot pre-compare play styles to see who wins.

Even if I could potentially end 15th in the Playoffs. But in all honestly, I have no idea what to expect with the introduction of the Snowball.

I was so consumed with Lava, and Sacrificial play / Counter Sacrificial play that I forgot to realize that the Snowball is an extra 50 - 100 points to every match. But it is extremely good. This is how we learn. Interested to see how many kill bots make it to the finals, Winning by score is much harder now. Considering the speed at which lava eats away Dirt.

Very nice challenge this year. Now I’m amped for 2020… But give it a few days, I pushed a lot of time in yesterday. Taking the day off. Will see you at the finals everyone. With the new rules I am happy to be a ticket holder, because with things like Lava and Snowballs, That’s how you lose your spot.

No idea what to expect with my bot either - glad to already be holding the golden ticket. Lava and snowballs were big changes and deliberately targeted to weaken strategies like mine.

But it looks like with this weird tournament format, only the top six are hidden, plus Willie’s and mine aren’t shown at all - so it looks like we aren’t even playing in the round robin? Was interested to see where I’d come but apparently will have to wait for the finals for that!

Good luck to all (or at least those who get to play!)

We should play to at least contribute to the leader board, what if another player would have beaten us and gotten those points have been enough to push the player into the top 8 because his tactics are good against us. Where we wreck another.

Id also love to see my overall stats. Really wish we had an extra day on this though. I have a feeling some of my last minute updates combined with some confusion on my part will going to shoot myself in the foot this year.

This whole tournament watching my match against yours were like looking at my bot against itself. Looking forward to see how things play out. Hoping for the best…

I wonder if there’s still some matches leftover, I’m currently 7th, so close but so far.

Hi @WillieTheron and @Malman

Your bots did compete in the tournament, but in the interest of maintaining suspense for the finals your names were removed from the leaderboard. They should show up when we unfreeze the leaderboard :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Renette. Does that mean that everyone still plays 45 matches in this tournament, based on the number of entrants?

Hi @rfnel

Everyone should still be playing against everyone else (including @WillieTheron and @Malman). However, please note that the numbers on the leaderboard might not add up completely due to ties or possible failed matches. This will all be addressed during the match verification.

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Hi @Renette

Thanks for the info. Quick one:

  1. When will the match verification be concluded?
  2. Will the 8 finalists have time to modify their bots before the 21st or are the submitted bots the final versions?
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Hi @marvijo

We are hoping to finish verification today or tomorrow and announce the final results on Wednesday. The finalists will not have time to modify their bots - the submitted bots are final.


Thank you @Renette for that clarification.

Will you be updating the leader-board as the verification progress, or only when you are done verifying all the results? Not sure if it is just me, but every few minutes I go there for an update and nothing seems to be changing. :thinking:


Would the number of matches reflect as 47 or 45 if there’s no draws/match issues, do we get a match against Willie and Mallin reflecting in our results also? @Renette

@syphoiz, I can confirm this, there was mention that both Myself and Mallin would also be playing against everyone.

Feel it is also needed to determine Placement in the Double Elimination phase. At least thats my assumptions.

Thanks, so still need to see if I could (crossing fingers here) move into the top 6.

@styphoiz… no offence, but I hope nobody moves into the top 6!

/me holding on to my position for dear life. :slight_smile:

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I’d feel the same if I was in the top 6, :grin:, just sitting on a teeter at position 7 there though if I look a few matches down, I see some of those contestants have more matches outstanding than me so either they are draws or potentially matches that could overtake me.
Would be nice to know how far behind I am from the last position there.

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You can cut the suspense with a knife! No updates today still


I see the score board has shuffled around, congrats to the finalists.