Lets play - Worm simulator

Go check out our brand new simplified online demo of this years challenge!
Online Demo

Thanks to our own @pierre.roux for putting in the extra effort to make this happen.


this is so cool! Will help me get into the mind of my worms :slight_smile:

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We added a small change for the community to use this as a visualizer for your match-logs :wink:

To try it out, simply click on the blue text:

upload match-logs to replay


This will prompt you to select the match that you would like to view. This is one of the folders you would find inside the match-logs folder in your starter-pack. (They generally have names like this: “2019.”)

Keep in mind, this uses the GlobalState.txt files which are only generated in the latest releases, from 3.0+ upwards.

We hope this helps everyone to better debug and visualize what their worms are doing


This is awesome. It will really help me a lot. There’s some interesting Dynamics that comes into play now caused by both lava and freeze. Really excited for this. Really learned a lot this year. Going to push a lot.

This is great, thanks very much. Just a question about the simulator - why does it show bananas as 0 from the start for both players, but then the opponent uses a banana?

That seems like a bug introduced in the latest demo version. I believe the javascript engine has a different name for the bananas count compared to what the state files call them. Unfortunately the reference bot opponent in the demo doesn’t care about that and will still post banana commands…seems like a pretty unfair match at the moment :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

By the way, how did you find the opponent, too easy or too difficult? I had ideas about adding an “easy” mode

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Hi Pierre, I am enjoying playing the demo, it looks really good and the graphics are great. It really brings the game to life, especially compared to the console output I stare at all the time.

The opponent is well balanced, but I have found an exploit, so now I can often beat the opponent, except unfair advantage of bananas :wink:

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The code for this is public if you would like to have a look: https://github.com/Blaarkies/ec-2019-protoype

I would have loved to fix these bugs sooner if this is this useful to the community, but i’m getting sidetracked before the tournament :sweat_smile:

It is open for pull requests if you want to have a go, then we can look at merging it into the website to fix the bugs. The code base seems to have a weird structure, but that is to match the structure on the website, so that we can simply copy&paste the changes into the website repo.