Live vs abandoned bots

Question @entelect team.

Just wondering - how many of the bots that ran in the last tournament actually had updated submissions after engine v3 was released?

Reason is simply that a non-updated bot would not have much chance in the last tournament. If it can run at all.
One way to look at that (from an updated bot’s point of view) is “free wins!”.
An alternative way might be “artificially inflated win ratio”.

Just curios, is all.


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I feel this is fine.

We all share this same environment so its technically free wins for everyone.

There is a slight impact on score. Because in closer matches the score equalizes a lot.
The winning bot almost always has higher score. (Almost)…

Mainly because of the control aspect.
But ultimately I still feel this does not make that big of a difference. Because we all have the same kinds of matches.

Well, yes and no.

I think I , for example, would actually be far worse off (winrate wise) if abandoned bots were not counted. Position wise - probably the same, so net effect, probably zero.

But after thinking some more, the real argument would be that the tournament could conceivably complete faster if dead bots were omitted. Assuming a significant percentage of dead bots.
I do see a lot of matches that I win where the opponent scores single digits (or very low double digits). And at least one that I actually checked the bot completely froze after seeing it’s first cyber truck.
I vaguely remember this point being brought up elsewhere on the forum at some point?

Without actual numbers it’s just whistling in the wind though.
Anyway too late at this point , so pretty much idle speculation.

Welp, I think I’m going to logof now and start cleansing my chakra’s in preparation for 2021.

It’s been a blast, cheers for eers!

yeah, Im already amped for next year.

Im obsessed with improving.
This year’s tough.