Lizard scoring

To me it seems that the score is not incremented when using the lizard powerup. Has anyone noticed this?

I noticed,

Not sure if this would supersede the code freeze.

Fairly neutral on the matter as lizard usage in itself is one of the strongest parts of this version.
So I do feel it will ultimately not make that big of a difference to leaderboard as those who fail to use lizards effectively would most likely drop off in terms of wins. Even when score would have been higher on their way of implimentation.

Id like it in there. But dont think it will do much, maybe drop score by 50 - 100 on some seeds. Assuming a certain tactic and a lot of lizzards in the game.

I agree that it shouldn’t affect gameplay enough to require an update now. I think it would be good for consistency to update it with the next release.

I have raised this with the team.

Using any power up will gain you 4 points, including lizard.

Hey, Just to confirm, this is true for Event 2 already?