Logging Tournament

My bot generates a ton of logs, but still runs in less than 0.1 seconds.
Will the logs of the tournament runs be made available for analyses after the tournament runs ?

If not then I can just as well disable the log files to shave off a few milliseconds, but if the logs can be downloaded in a similar way as the player portal then it would be very nice to leave the logging in to see what improvement can be made later or just to satisfy my nerdy curiosity.

One final thing.
If the logs will be made available.
Will I then see the folder for my opponent with his logs also ?
If which case my opponent will also see my logs.
Would like to only see my logs so as not to … cheat in followup tournaments by knowing my opponents AI by looking at their logs.

At the moment the player portal gives out the logs for both the player and opponent and therefore I am hopeful the tournament can supply logs afterwards, but only the player logs and not the opponent.

Hi Jacques,

Unfortunately we cannot make the logs for the tournament available. We will however make the logs available for the clan war battles. These logs will be secured though in that you will only be able to get the log files for your bot and not your opponent.