Map Level Sizes

Hi will all the levels be a constant 200x500 like in the appsettings.development.json? cause I see in the production settings it is 100x100 or will we receive the level map sizes on registration?

or is it a mystery to figure out as we go along?

Hey @Kortgat sorry for the delay in response. :slight_smile:

We are playing around with different map sizes at the moment.

We felt that 200X500 worked better with the placement of Hazards and collectables.
We’ll decide on a final map size closer to the time.

Let us know what you think!


I’m catching up from behind on everything.
From waaaaay behind.

Anyway, was this answered?

I see with the 2023.2.5 release, the hero window received is a bit larger than the 16 x 10 mentioned here

No idea of the full map size as of yet - maybe somebody can confirm ?

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Hero window is 16 blocks on each side of the 2x2 bot horizontally, and 10 vertically. So 34x22 total.

It was said that the map would use the Production settings (so 100x100 until that changes)

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@Jenique - any chance the world size has been finalized?

Or that the world dimensions could maaaaybe be included in the state received by the bot?