Map size and next rules date

So I have 2 questions, if someone can assist.

  1. I see the region size is marked as 10 and with 4 regions, would the map then be a 20*20 map?

  2. What is the date for the next release with the new rules?

Hi Styphoiz,

  1. That is correct
  2. We are working hard on ironing out the next release and will update the forum as soon as we have a concrete date planned.
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pretty sure the map is 40x40?

I thought it was 4 squares to create a big square, just wanted confirmation.
10x10x4 = 400
20x20 = 400

it’s 40 by 40 tiles, for a total of 1600 spaces on the game board

Interesting, I see the world size is 40 that would mean 4 regions don’t exactly fill an area.