Match monitor/notifier script

Hey, just thought I’d share the script I use to monitor my match logs for changes (hope this method of monitoring is fine with the Entelect team, it does a poll every 10 minutes), you can find it here:

To use this make sure you have the python requests library available and put your “AppServiceAuthSession” cookie in a file named “cookie” (you can get it using your browser’s dev tools after logging in). You can then also set up your preferred method of notification at the bottom part of the script. I use notify-send to send myself desktop notifications on Linux but you can plug in whatever (or just ignore it and keep an eye on the script output).

It seems that the auth cookie expires every few hours (my original one just expired after ~6 hours of use) after which the script will print a message and exit - you can then just update the cookie file to get the monitoring working again. Let me know if you have problems and I’ll try to assist.

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