Match seed

Does it look stupid if I ask what is exactly match seed and what it describes?

It allows you to return the same map again,if you want. Same seed - same map.

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Hi @Ehsan

@demaniak is correct, using the same number will reproduce the same map. The randomness in the map is actually procedural randomness, so in a sense the game-engine can recreate the exact same “randomness” given the same seed number.


@pierre.roux thanks for replying,
I assume it’s to run the race in same map over and over which is very useful to measure the improvement.
Could you please guide me how to regenerate the same map with the seed?

Edit your game-runner-config.json and add this line:

“seed”: 1,

Change that “1” to what ever seed you want to play. ( I added it just above the “player-a” config)

To change back to random, remove that line, or comment it out with a // in front e.g. //“seed”:1,