Max Rounds bug

In game-config.json there is a “MAX_ROUNDS”: 600 line;however this appears to be ignored.
In a scenario 2 players got stuck and rounds carried on passed 2000.


Hm, another question comes up - would this situation not mean there is another collision bug?

Player 2 is trying to accelerate through player 1 - that is supposed to result in player 2 being penalized (with colision logic, i.e moved back to starting position - 1 , or something like that), isn’t it?

@ChrisM thanks for posting. I will raise this with the game engine team.

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@Tylergoodburn Please also raise collision clarity. We still don’t know how the effects of collisions are supposed to work. We subsequently don’t know if we should build for the current engine’s behavior or if the engine has a bug.


my bot reaches round 144, then it proceeds to round 145 and therafter neither bot moves. Player 1 has a valid move, whereas player 2 is probably running into the collision logic. The game runs for many moves with no change in the position.