Maximum Rounds

Rules states:

  • There will be a maximum of {MAXIMUM_TURNS} turns for each side, at which point the game the victor will be determined by the highest score.

Will this be added to the game details for the state.json file later on?

Just wondering (Unless i missed this details or were looking in the wrong state.json file…)

Hi Willie,

At the moment, the limit set in the engine is a maximum of 400 turns.

I will have a chat with the Game Engine guys and see what the thinking was around not exposing this.
It would definitely make sense to give this detail to the player, so I will try and get them to add it :slight_smile:.

No rush here. Initially I thought about simulating everything for every round and handle the AI in a form of Monte Carlo thingi. I did however notice that I might not actually need the round info. I have not really gotten around to planning Defense. But Currently my bots thrashes itself around round 32…

So unless I am able to get my defense to the stage where I can keep my bot off of itself and defend, I will likely not even need max round info. But this is the first day. So I assume my bot can get much much better…

However, by the looks of it, Once you have an advantage, If the bot is good you should not be able to lose theoretically.

Anyways, Enjoy the weekend

I would really like to be able to configure:

  • Max Rounds
  • Map Size
  • Starting Energy
  • Energy Per Turn Net Of Energy buildings

Even if we won’t have this information available to our bots on the day of the competition. It would help the development of our bots.

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Hey, Im not sure about max rounds yet,

Map size is in the Json file,
Starting Energy is currently at 20
Energy per turn equals 5 + (3 * number of energy factories. )

Though this might change, I hand coded these variables in as they seem constant for the moment.

You can open the jar file that runs the game and configure the property file in there for the things you would like to change. Little effort. Use something like 7zip

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Ah, did not know that. Thanks!

Hi all,

We are refactoring the config.json a bit to include more flexibility with regards to the game config, such as map sizes. This will also include moving the bot configs to their respective bot.json files. We will let you know when the updated version is ready.

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