Missed Attacks

The rules say: “A missed attack gives 2 points”

Does this mean that you get 2 points if you shoot and don’t hit any worms?

Or does it mean that you get 2 points if you move off a square that another player shoots at in the same round?

Hey @ikabot,

You would be getting points in both instances. A missed attacked is any attack that does not hit a target, regardless of the situation that caused the attack to not hit a target.

Hope this helps !

I’m still not clear about this.

When you say in both cases 2 points are scored, is it that whenever a shot by either player misses its mark, both players get 2 points?


Points are awarded or subtracted only to the player that makes the attack.

If your attack knocks the opponent’s worm unconscious - you get 40 points.
If your attack hits the opponent’s worm (but doesn’t kill it ) - you get 20 points.
If your attack hits your own worm - you lose 20 points.
If your attack misses ( i.e. you attack in a direction but the attack does not hit anything for any reason ) - only you will get 2 points.

(I think this is where the confusion is )
If your opponent’s attack misses for any reason, your opponent will get 2 points for their missed attack. You will not be awarded points for your opponents missed attack.

This is a mechanic to persuade the bots to not submit do nothings and make it beneficial to always do something.

Hope this clears up the confusion :slight_smile:


I like it… even a random bot will score points. No one has an excuse not to enter :slight_smile:


Yes, thanks. That clears it up completely.