Missiles should destroy buildings under construction

It seems that missiles do not destroy the opposition’s defence building whilst it is under construction. They pass right over.

Can someone else verify this? I have only verified on two games using the reference & java bot using the run.bat.
Is this the correct behaviour? I would expect to destroy a building under construction.

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You are right. They pass over the building. I think this is the right way, since that means that you cannot pop up a building to block a missile, but has to plan ahead. If you see the opponent creates an attack tower, if you build a defense tower right in front of it, then one missile will get through. If you build it, I think three squares back (or maybe it is four, I have not done a calculation), then it will be able to block the missile.

So in summary, I do not think missiles should destroy buildings under construction.

From the rules under the “Buildings” section:

A building that is not fully built will be destroyed in one hit.

Not sure why it’s not implemented in the game engine. But that should be enough to make interesting strategies about whether it’s better to have your wall destroyed in one shot by building it at the last minute, or planning in advance and having it built before the missiles get there.


I vote that the rules are changed to work like the current engine, otherwise it is going to be really hard (probably impossible) to throw up a defense for a sustained attack on a row. I would then just build all my attack towers on the same row and wait for the game to end. My opponent can either waste his/her time to try to build defenses, or do the same as me on another row.

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We need clarity on this. BUMP!

The rules are incorrect here, like @gustav pointed out, “then just build all my attack towers on the same row and wait for the game to end”, would not be a very fun game now would it :wink:

We will rectify the game rules on this, so that missiles will always move over buildings under construction without hindrance

Rules have been rectified :ok_hand:

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