Modern Worm-fare - Shooting Bug

Dear Entelect,

Please can you investigate. I noticed that in 2 of the games that I lost, my last worm was killed by a missed shot.

Please look at these 2 matches:
andre maakal vs mogammed hoosain:
matchID: 36a948a1-ad25-4116-b41f-ab4abd0fa475-vs-3a9ef0c4-2266-4329-b859-4e5dcb778286_07-22

In this example my last command was for worm 2: “move(25, 17)”
My Opponent Worm 1 gave a “Shoot N” command from (27, 20) and killed me.

andre maakal vs kyle rangan:
matchID: 0d083ab6-99cc-4f77-80b7-c39c9b2b4d94-vs-3a9ef0c4-2266-4329-b859-4e5dcb778286_07-22

Here my last command was
Worm 2: “Move (18, 32)”
Opponent Worm 1 shot from (20, 31) “Shoot SW” and killed my worm (that had 14 health left)

Sorry, false alarm.

I noticed now the XLS Sheet and the final match.log does not show the last command.