Modern Worm-fare


Hi guys,

The Google OAuth issue that prevented people from signing up on the player portal seems to be back again. A friend’s trying to upload a bot and he he’s getting a ’ {“Message”:“Unable to create the user profile.”}’ response.

He’s not on the forum. Could you check it out please? Thanks!

That is worrying - maybe part of the reason why we had so few players in round 1?

Otherwise, good luck to all for the next round - I am interested to see how it plays out!

Hey @rfnel

I made a fix that should resolve the issue. If the issue persists, please send us an email with their email address so we can see if it something specific to their user.


I just made it on here this time… Really excited for the next set of matches…

We are under way! Win ratios not looking right at all though.

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Win Ratio looks like:
number of wins / total number of games you are going to play

It does look like that, though in that form it’s a bit redundant since it’s the same as ordering by wins.

I think it should be wins / games played, so that the leaderboard is in the proper order while the tournament is being played, so people can see how they’re doing, live.

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Hi @Malman and @kuifie ,

Yeah there was a slight bug in the algorithm that updates the leaderboard, it should be fixed now, please have a look again

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Looks like the Leader-board win/loss ration has been fixed. Thank you Entelect.