Do we honor momentum,
Its not immediately clear from the math section.

Example, if I 'm traveling at max speed towards 0 Degrees one tick, can I do a 180 Degree and go max speed towards 180 degrees the next tick immediately.

Have not tested but from observations it seems momentum does not really matter.
I know we don’t necessarily want Nasa level logic here.

Just wondering.
Started my bot as well, Map representations are pretty interesting, cannot wait for some kind of visualiser…

Hi Willie.

In terms of your question of an immediate turn, yes. You can do that. Your bot begins moving immediately in the latest heading given by a command.

However, your bot “retains” it’s forward action until a “STOP” command is sent.

Hope that clears things up.

Perfect, Thank you,

**Would also be pretty hard to squeeze depth out if I need to do that level of analysis in say 1 second.

Im for now just at the drawing board

Indeed, we thought an “inertia” on top of everything going on would become incredibly difficult for players to keep up with!

Just on the one second thing… Remember your bot can take as long as it likes to compute it’s next plan :wink:

I definitely made some notes to keep the continuous state of the game in my developments.
Not that timeouts have ever been a concern.

Its a bit different this year as we need to do some Math,
But Im very happy about writing an style bot.

Nothing lasts till we have that first round though.
Hope we have a Comic Con this year.
Really Amped


Hi @WillieTheron so glad to hear you are pumped.
And we definitely will be having the finals at Comic Con again this year. We just don’t quite know what they looks like in 2021 yet. So keep your eyes your on their website for announcements on how they will be running the event this year.