Multiple Powerups in one turn (bug)

If you drive over multiple power ups in one turn you only get credited with 1 of them.

See example below, player 1 goes over 2 Boost powerups but powerups only increased by 1

(Sidenote: I also expected that driving over multiple Mud cells would each decrease my speed.)

player: id:1 position: y:4 x:68 speed:9 state:TURNING_RIGHT boosting:false boost-counter:0 powerups: OIL:1
opponent: id:2 position: y:3 x:76 speed:9



Completed round: 10

Starting round: 11

player: id:1 position: y:4 x:77 speed:9 state:NOTHING boosting:false boost-counter:0 powerups: OIL:1, BOOST:1
opponent: id:2 position: y:3 x:85 speed:8


Hi @cairnswm

The game engine squad will look into this later today :slight_smile:

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Hello @cairnswm, this is indeed a bug. Will revert once it has been fixed.

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Hello @cairnswm a new release has been published which fixes the issue described above. :slight_smile: