New Match Status

Hey everyone,

Tonight we released a small tweak to the website with the way we handle match statuses.

Before when a match ran “successfully” but timed out or errored out we just said that it was a match success and moved on, but starting tonight you will see the following “Requires Attention” match status whenever we pick up anything even slightly strange happening with your bot:

It is very important to note that any submission that has the “Requires Attention” status will still be eligible to run in a tournament, but this should be seen as an indication that something might be wrong with your bot and you should have a look at the logs just to be that extra bit sure.

Feel free to test it out and let us know if you have any issues.


Hi @GeelKanarie!

I just uploaded my bot, and got the “requires attention” status. As far as I can see, my bot is fine and it’s the reference bot that has issues.

Can you confirm that this is the case?

This is my endGameState.txt

Match seed: 14636

The winner is: A - Steam Powered Wyrm

A - Steam Powered Wyrm- score:2741 health:100
B - Reference Bot- score:2630 health:228
Referee messages
Player: reference-bot (B - Reference Bot) -> Consecutive timeouts on rounds 254 and 255

The full download link to the logs is


I have a similar issue, match looks fine and my bot won, but I get “requires attention”. I do output some messages to stderr, could it have something to do with that?

Hey @justin.worthe

That is weird, we’ll have a look at that, the reference bot shouldn’t be timing out, as its logic is extremely rudimentary.

Unfortunately with the current way we check matches whether they ran successfully, we flag any strange behaviour in both player’s actions, rather than focusing on just one player.

I will bring up this issue with our engine team and see if we can maybe tweak the logic just for reference matches. Or best solution is to fix the reference bot’s slowness :joy:.


Hey @japes

Your suspicions are correct, we do validate on stderr, so any messages you pump through there might be confused by our referee to be a problem with your bot.