New Starter Pack: 2021.3.1

Greetings Challengers!

We have released a new version of the starter-pack, available here .

What’s been updated:

  • Fixes issues with python bot connections when enum values are out of range
  • Updated release of the visualizer

If you currently are on a starter pack, please grab the latest from above - version 2021.3.1

If you have cloned the repository to use docker or just to investigate, please ensure your clone is up to date!

Thanks, James

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Hi James,

It looks like the link still points to the old starter pack (2021.3.0). I can manually navigate to 2021.3.1 (Release 2021.3.1: Merge pull request #43 from EntelectChallenge/develop · EntelectChallenge/2021-Galaxio · GitHub), but that doesn’t contain a downloadable zip file other than the source code.

Could you please confirm? Also, is the new version on the player portal?


Edit: I submitted a bot last night, and it looks like the game engine on the portal is still the older version that ignores the new commands from Java bots.


I have downloaded the new 2021.3.1 starter pack. If I attempt to run it with 4 reference bots it crashes as follows

Hi. I see the docs say Torpedoes move at a speed of 60, but the effective default and tournament speed is 20. Please confirm that the torpedo speed config will be 20 in the upcoming tournament?

Hi James
my bot (Python) runs correctly on the local game engine. However, if I upload the bot to the player portal , I get ‘Match Status’ marked as success, but in the bot.txt file I get a message ‘SignalRCoreClient - ERROR _’

Is the portal TickRate set to 75ms or does it use the TickRate value of 20 ms as set up in the starter kit

If your bot gets started and does play a game, it will be flagged as success.
I will investigate your submission result.

The portal and tournament’s tick rate are set to 75ms.

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Hi Marno

have you found the problem?

I attempted to upload the bot today twice today. According to the bot.txt files, the first time the bot executed a few ticks and then stopped. The second time it generated messages from SignalRCoreClient before stopping.

Hi @thinus ,

I did an investigation into your 2 latest submissions and looked at the Runner, Engine and Bot logs.

Both of that matches did complete successfully and the logs suggest it was a healthy match. The 2nd latest match finished in 160 ticks, and the latest match finished in 60 ticks.
There is probably something funky with the SignalR connection. I will pass this on to the engine squad.

All of the matches run in their own isolated environment. Meaning all infrastructure (Networks, Connections), game components (Runner, Engine, Logger) and bots (Player Bots) are freshly created for each match. So one match cannot influence another match.

Hi Marno

I have modified my bot to simply send an “action = 1’ and 'heading = 45”. If I submit the bot I get the following bot.txt file:

You will see that SignalRCore Client has closed the connection before my bot runs?? There is something seriously wrong here. Although the bot appears to run, I do not believe that it is communicating with the game engine.


I have run my bot multiple times on the starter kit code. Running against 3 reference bots, it invariably comes first. Loading the identical code for my bot onto the portal 5 times it finishes either 4th or 3rd, usually with an error message in the bot.txt file. The bot does not appear to run on the portal?

Hi @thinus, can you post the error message?

We’ll be pushing out the last fix tomorrow morning, so I just want to make sure we’ve got everything in from our side.


here are two of the messages