New Starter Pack Release 2019.2.1


We have released a new version of the starter pack.

You can download it here


  • Fix Banana commands not being usable
  • Fix Select command being shown as the last command in the CSV file
  • Fix exception in the python starter bot

Thanks to everyone who helped with pull requests and reported issues!



In the new starter pack, in the dotnetcore StarterBot code, I am not seeing the new code for any of the new features/rules. E.g. In the Worm class in worms.cs I was expecting Banana- and profession detail.

Is the intention that I code these myself, or am I missing something.

Hi @kuifie

We won’t be actively be updating the starterbots to include the new rules, but you are more than welcome to create a pull request to add it in if you think it would help other people. We would just ask that if you do so, please don’t change too much of the strategy the bot uses, but rather just add the extra config and class values. This is just to give all the different languages the same starting point.