New Starter Pack Release 2019.3.0


We have released a new version of the starter pack.

You can download it here

New Worm +Technologist+

  • Health → 100
  • Can use the basic weapon to shoot
  • Trained to throw Snowballs, carries 3 of these


  • Can freeze worms in a 3x3 square
    • Including friendly worms
  • Frozen worms cannot follow orders for 5 rounds
  • Can be thrown 5 cells far
  • Gives points per worm frozen


  • Lava slowly engulfs the map
    • Starting at the edges from round 100
    • Ends close to the center by round 350
  • Worms sustain 3 damage when standing on lava
  • Lava floods all the air blocks
    • When dirt blocks are mined, they soon flood with lava as well


  • Fix friendly fire being punished later when the enemy does the final blow #72
  • Add opponent’s previous command to the state files #72
  • Add global state files in the match-logs for each round. This is not available to bots during the game, but visualizers will find this more useful #71
  • Add warm up delay on tournament runner #71

Thanks to everyone who helped with pull requests and reported issues!

Please let us know if you find anything odd in the balancing of this config, we are open to tweak until Friday 16 August 2019 @ 18h00. This deadline will solidify the final tweaks before the upcoming tournaments.


Hi, by “Frozen worms cannot follow orders for 5 rounds” do you mean the frozen worm:

  1. Won’t receive a turn for 5 rounds
  2. Will receive a turn but won’t follow any orders
  3. Will receive a turn and an order, but will choose a random action?
  4. Can follow normal orders (move, shoot) but not special (i.e. spell-casting) orders?

Hi @marvijo

A frozen worm will not execute any command. It will still receive a turn as normal, but won’t move, dig, shoot, banana or snowball even if the command is given. The command is simply ignored and you won’t be penalized with a consecutive do nothing count.

The select command is the exception to this. You can still select a different worm to order commands to

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@pierre.roux Alright. Also, what is the behaviour if a worm is frozen while it’s in frozen state?

It will just be newly frozen for the next 5 rounds. No stacking, we just update the Frozen timer.

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