New Starter Pack Release 2019.3.1


We have released a new version of the starter pack.

You can download it here

Balance Tweaks

  • Added symmetry to worm starting locations, so that both players have the same layout of enemy worms relative to their own worms
  • Added breathing room to the Engame lava arena. The final safe circular space now has a radius of 4 blocks


  • Fixes to the Snowballs causing other commands to be ignored #81
  • Updated dockerfile of C++ bot for building on windows #45
    • Thanks @warren-sentient :smile:!

Thanks to everyone who helped with pull requests and reported issues!


Update suggestions:


Thanks @marvijo, I have fixed the link :slight_smile:

This is amazing rules, I’m just not sure how I will handle them yet. Looking forward to sitting with these changes.

Have you got an image example of the final block?

How can I tell that I have the latest release? I downloaded the files at the given links but engine filename is still ec-2019-game-engine-jvm-full-2019.3.0.jar and it seems the end lava state hasn’t reduced.

Hi @Leon

As far as we can tell, the automated build step did not compile the starter-pack again after the version number fix. We have updated this now, and the file name now follows the latest version number.

No worries, the previous starter-pack in the 2019.3.1 release did have all the latest changes, except for a wrong version number. So any bot-building you have been doing on that starter-pack is still following the correct and final tournament rules :wink:

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Hi @styphoiz

You can find the visuals here

EDIT: If the forum isn’t displaying images, you can see the same images here:

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