New Starter Pack Release: 2021.2.3

Greetings Challengers!

We have released a new version of the starter-pack, available here .

What’s been updated:

  • Fixes issues with the run script not shutting down correctly
  • Balancing Changes to Afterburner
  • Fixes reference bot not building correctly

If you currently are on a starter pack, please grab the latest from above - version 2021.2.3

If you have cloned the repository to use docker or just to investigate, please ensure your clone is up to date!

Balancing Changes for Afterburner

After feedback from the community, we realised that afterburner just didn’t have a payout that was worth it.

Now, Afterburner will increase your speed by a set 5 units, regardless of size. This should make it far more worth while for larger players to use, while smaller players shouldn’t be significantly impacted.

Please let us know how you find this change, as we can always readjust into Round 3 of the challenge!

P.S: Big Thanks to all the community members who gave their feedback for this change, and helped make the challenge even greater!

Thanks, James

I have installed the 2021.2.3 starter pack. If I attempt to run 4 reference bots I get the following

Then it appears to run but the ?

If I attempt to run 3 reference bots and my bot I get

The reference bots seem to move but my bot does not move at all.

I re-installed .net5 and the problem went away.

Hi @thinus, glad you got the issue resolved!

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