New starter pack release: 2022.1.1

There is missing info in the readme.

What should be here?

Day night cycle

At the end of 10 ticks all bots enter the night cycle of the game. This is where

I think the rest of the sentence = This is where people eat (consume food) and get warmth (consume heat) and repair the city (consume stone if you are >= Tier1). If there is not enough food or warmth the people start dying out (or leave your city in search of better pastures), If you have enough resources and heat, then your population grow. If you meet the minimum requirements for the next tier, then you level up.


Hey there, Everything is pretty solid in the readme,

I just never looked at the readme before I ran my data.

I was a bit busy these last 2 days but essentially I have managed to hook the Json file up to a HTML file that redraws th e round to the canvas every round.

With this said however.
I still need to actually add the elements (Nodes, Towers, Players etc)

But this should be fairly simple to do. Im looking at that now.
If all goes well my mini visualiser will be done by the weekend. So there’s that.

If it is I will drop the source somewhere.


Hi @Jenique , is there an ETA on the updated README? Although the readme explains some things. There is still that is unclear or not said, such as better command explanation and how all the resources a city has, contributes to the growth and all that.

Hi @AtomicNomad sorry that the README is not clear yet, will bring this up with Jenique and try get it updated within the week.